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Nioh (Alpha Demo)

Nioh Demo Title
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Game Nioh (Alpha Demo)
Length 1:36:27
Controller Pat
Upload Date May 7, 2016
“This is a game targeted at weebs.” — Liam

Nioh (Alpha Demo) is a one-off episode in which Pat and Liam delve into Koei Tecmo's AAA Souls-like game and get the fans ready for what to expect when they do a full LP of the game when it's released.

About Edit

Let's see what Tecmo Koei thinks a souls game is li-JESUS CHRIST THIS GAME IS HARD.
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Oh, he's a filthy gaijin.
— Pat
I wonder if they're all gonna have weeb names.
— Pat
This is a game targeted at weebs.
— Liam
Even beterer armor. Now I'm really Gary.
— Pat
It's okay. We're allowed to be racist.
— Liam
No. No. Woolie's not here.
— Pat

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