This is an extended page of the No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Santa Destroy Cultural Tidbit: The city is overrun by feral packs of raccoons that hunt down children and wimpier teenagers at night.
— Part one
Santa Destroy Cultural Tidbit: The city has the highest number of strip clubs and dog food stores per capita. No one understands why.
— Part two
Santa Destroy Cultural Tidbit: Both sides of the tracks in Santa Destroy are in fact...THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS! DON'T BE ON EITHER
— Part three
Santa Destroy Cultural Tidbit: Santa Destroy High School has the lowest graduation rate in the greater United States. But it does have the highest number of injuries via katana blade. So there’s that.
— Part four
Santa Destroy Cultural Tidbit: The motion picture industry is barely even aware that the city exists. The porno industry however, has made 372 films per year on location in Santa Destroy.
— Part five
Santa Destroy Cultural Tidbit: The sun above Body Slam Beach can fry the skin off a uncooked chicken leg in 38 seconds flat. But families get a special discount at the snowcone stand! Bring the kids!
— Part six
Santa Destroy Cultural Tidbit: Rumors abound that the literal army of scorpions which parade the wastes of Atomic Drop Ward are ruled by one large creature known as the “Scorpion Death God”.
— Part seven
Santa Destroy Cultural Tidbit: The theater is a great option for those looking for a night on the town! If only the theater was still in use…and not just a sexnasium for the raccoons which took over the establishment back in 1992.
— Part eight
Santa Destroy Cultural Tidbit: Speed City is a dilapidated suburb just 10 minutes outside of Santa Destroy. It’s incredibly dangerous to visit as falling debris, large crevices and toxic waste permeate every direction you look. It was voted as more desirable to live in than Santa Destroy last year.
— Part nine
Santa Destroy Cultural Tidbit: The stadium just overlooking the coast is the home of the Santa Destroy Warriors; a collection of murderers, arsonists and car thieves which the city employs on the cheap. They are 10-1 this year.
— Part ten
Santa Destroy Cultural Tidbit: There are an estimated 3,345 car thefts every 2 and 1/2 minutes per square mile in Santa Destroy every hour.
— Part eleven
Santa Destroy Cultural Tidbit: On the verge of financial collapse, one single man was able to bring enough infamy to the city of Santa Destroy through a series of confusing death fights and petting his cat. We don't really understand why.
— Part twelve final

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