This is an extended page of the No More Heroes 2 "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Resident No More Heroes expert Matt watches with a critical eye as Woolie attempts his first playthrough of NMH2 - Liam watches as well because he's creep like dat.
— Part one
Woolie defeats Nathan by the skin of his teeth, Matt and Liam laugh derisively.
— Part two
Liam may not be in tow this time, which is his loss, because he misses out on giant robots and the underboob of young looking cheerleaders.
— Part three
Liam is not here, so we cannot figure out how to do these damn tile puzzles, We are so stupid.
— Part four
We enter the Resident Evil 4 zone of No More Heroes 2. Matt Helms is small time!
— Part five
Liam returns much to the delight of Matt and Woolie, because the last few episodes were filled with awkward silences.
— Part six
Woolie has no interest in this sexy girl boss, and instead geeks out over a giant computer brain thing.
— Part seven
Woolie enjoys the smooth jumping controls of the lovely Shinobu Jacobs.
— Part eight
Travis denies Shinobu the goodies for no real reason. That must make Woolie proud!
— Part nine
A nail biting battle between beam katanas and motorcycles. Plus a fight that must have been directed by Liam.
— Part ten
Woolie spends his time working out cats and getting revenge on people who wronged him. Also? Longest parking lot fight ever.
— Part eleven
Liam trolls Woolie super hard during one of the best boss fights in the game. Hilarity ensues.
— Part twelve
Sorry for the audio! It will be fixed in the next part!
— Part thirteen
Audio is back! Lets get ready to rock!
— Part fourteen
The grand finale! Will Woolie ever stop hating on Sylvia for no reason? Let's find out!
— Part fifteen FINAL

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