SBFC 006

Nothing Good Ever Comes In A Bucket

Show Notes 6
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Length 2:02:07
Date September 17, 2013
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“Welcome to the bucket show.” — Matt

SBFC 006: Nothing Good Ever Comes In A Bucket is the sixth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Hot off the Comic-con circuit and still on wrestling high, the Friendcast take turns as a Capcom CEO, break down Child of Light, Steam sharing, Nintendo account policies, JJ Abrams hating the Star Trek game and Hyper Light Drifter, and SNK PC releases.
— Video description


Nothing good comes in a bucket.
Welcome to the bucket show.
— Matt
You go through the Spiral Nemesis to find Y2J?
— Matt
I hate Capcom.
— Woolie
It's not 'take your ball and go home', it's take your big stupid green fireball and shove it up your own ass.
— Matt
I play Hakan like I play Zangief... just oilier.
I think game developers should implement a new system, that when you start a new game up you have two difficulty settings: game journalist and everyone else.
— Matt
So, can we confirm our project, Lord of the Weapons?
— Woolie
— Matt
Wow, such opinion, so words.
I almost didn't have the energy to say Indigo Prophecy.
— Matt

Letter TimeEdit

Q: Are you guys caught up on Adventure Time? from Malik

  • Pat: I am so caught up.
  • Liam: No.
  • Matt: I am not caught up.
  • Woolie: I'm early season five.

Q: Are you guys hyped for Kill la Kill? from Jelio

  • YES!

Q: Do you guys play any visual novels? from Laurence

  • Pat: 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
  • Matt: Ace Attorney
  • Liam: A lot of commercial visual novels like Ace Attorney, but mostly just Katawa Shoujo.
  • Woolie: I don't play visual novels, but I will play Liberation Maiden SIN.

Q: Is David Cage the biggest hack in all of entertainment? from Shaia

  • In all of entertainment? No; in video games it's Peter Molyneux, in all of entertainment Uwe Boll or M. Night Shamalayan.

Q: Are any of you guys fans of Tin Tin? from Jessica

  • Liam: I read a few books and watched the movie.
  • Woolie: I own every Tin Tin book, I love the everlasting shit out of Tin Tin. It's my childhood.

Q: You like Genshiken, but the series has taken a different turn. Do you still feel the same way about it? from Sylvia

  • Woolie: The writing is still good, I still love it.
  • Liam: It feels like it never stopped.

Q: I support Vin Diesel because Tony Jaa will be making his American movie début in Fast and the Furious Seven. from Robert

  • Thanks for the tip Robert!

Q: How do you feel about the Tales? from Philip

  • Pat: I fucking hate it.
  • Liam: It just doesn't break the mold.
  • Matt: I really enjoyed them, there are a lot of difference.

Q: When are your birthdays? from Theresa

  • Woolie: December 4
  • Pat: April 22 (Earth Day)
  • Liam: July 6
  • Matt: August 27

Matt Watch Edit

This week, Matt was stalking Mick Foley.