Star Wars Week: Episode VI

Obi -Truck Kenobi Unleashed

Obi Truck Title
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Game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: Obi-Wan

Length 44:57
Upload Date Dec 19, 2015
Controller Woolie (The Force Unleashed)

Matt (Star Wars: Obi-Wan)

Previous The Fisticuffs of Fate
Next The Dark Kinnection
“I wish I had the balls to shit my pants in a movie theater.” — Pat

Obi -Truck Kenobi Unleashed is the sixth episode of the Star Wars Week special in which Matt and Pat help Woolie relive his glorious days in QA by forcing him to play what he has always touted as the greatest Star Wars game ever.

About Edit

EPISODE VI - OBI-TRUCK KENOBI UNLEASHED Staggering back to their feat after the Duel of The Scrublords, our four idiotic heroes went their separate ways. VITA ANIMEFACE returned to his home planet, while MATTSTER JETTSTER and PATRON-336 landed in Coruscant to stare in awe at the gymnastic powers of OBI-WAN KENOBI. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in the Galaxy as GRAND-MA SWAMPKIN has heard rumors of a bald boring fuck known as STARKILLER who threatens to have a nonsensical adventure that results in nothing. Resolute, Swampkin decides to take this challenge head-on...
— Video description

Quotes Edit

To back track in the story a little bit, I tested this game for awhile...
— Woolie
You what? That's crazy. So we can blame all it's problems on you?
— Pat
That baby is juiced up on forced plot relevance.
— Pat
This planet is my toy. No one can do nothing. Get choked.
— Woolie
Palpatine's the pull-out king.
— Matt
— Woolie
In Chewie culture, it's rude to clean the shit off your balls.
— Pat
He left his family behind!
— Woolie
Cookie Chewie!
— Matt
Hello video game protagonist from 2005 to 200-now.
— Matt
You'd be surprised how easy it is to rent force chokes.
— Matt
I wish I had the balls to shit my pants in a movie theater.
— Pat
It makes me upset now that every time one of us does any weird noise, everyone knows to shut up instantly so it can be isolated.
— Pat
We're playing Star Wars: Obi-Wan today. It makes Force Unleashed look like Force Unleashed.
— Matt

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