Shitstorm 4: Matt & Pat's Scariness Marathon

Obscure II The Aftermath

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Game ObsCure II (ObsCure: The Aftermath in North America)
Controller Matt & Pat (Co-op)
Length 45:04
Next Nightmare Creatures
Previous Clock Tower (Shitstorm 4: Matt & Pat's Scariness Marathon)
“If only we were both teens and wearing yoga pants right now, things would be different.” — Pat

Obscure II The Aftermath is the eleventh episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm 4: Matt & Pat's Scariness Marathon special.

About Edit

Spooky Fact - During college, Matt and Pat were invited to tons of parties, and were super popular. They didn't spend their nights like losers, alone in their mom and dad's houses, playing video games all night long. No way.
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat go back to college. This semester, they abuse women, get high, do hockey combos, reminisce about being young and daydream about men in yoga pants.

Quotes Edit

We're high on FOUND drugs.
— Pat
I don't know if you remember being sixteen to twenty....
— Pat
I don't.
— Matt
I hate all the peer pressure these windows put on me!
— Matt
Hey Amy, put the gun between your titties and see if you can fire it.
— Pat
If only we were both teens and wearing yoga pants right now, things would be different.
— Pat
You know who looks better in yoga pants than girls? Guys.
— Matt

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