This is an extended page of the Odallus: The Dark Call "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


GAMEPLAY TIP: Haggis can swing his sword, and things will more than likely die!
— Part one
GAMEPLAY TIP: If Haggis loses all his hearts, he will die. He will then have to confront the pain of failing to save his son.
— Part two
GAMEPLAY TIP: To kill weird multi-faced monsters, Haggis must cause as much damage as possible before he dies.
— Part three
GAMEPLAY TIP: When an agile armored knight begins attacking Haggis, simply attack faster and do not get hit and killed.
— Part four
GAMEPLAY TIP: There is a special suit of armor that can Haggis can wear. It reduces damage taken. Collect this armor, Haggis-man!
— Part five
GAMEPLAY TIP: Need to hack through weird wiggling purple tentacles? Well, hack them with your sword!
— Part six
GAMEPLAY TIP: If you encounter a cool skull-armor wearing warrior, just do anything he wants you to do. ANYTHING!
— Part seven
GAMEPLAY TIP: Need to ride the wind? Then use the demon who’s entire existence is to be a wind rammer! Pasuzu!
— Part eight
GAMEPLAY TIP: If you see mine carts, avoid them.
— Part nine
GAMEPLAY TIP: To get the secret, sexier ending…simply collect everything in the game.
— Part ten Final

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