This is an extended page of the Omikron The Nomad Soul "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


David Cage Trope #26: If you are a female character you will be white, have dark and/or short to shoulder-length hair, and be pretty vapid and uninteresting. Ehhh...on second thought, that describes most of his male characters too.
— Part one
David Cage Trope #7: Weird camera zooms and pans will be used to try and emphasize some sort of tension or dramatic turn of events, but always wind up being unintentionally hilarious, awkward, and uncomfortable, much like David Cage's romantic life.
— Part two
David Cage Trope #11: If you own a giant, cavernous apartment with a confusing layout, there's no better way to navigate it than with unintuitive and stiff controls! Thank you, Lord Cage!
— Part three
David Cage Trope #3: Your video game protagonist being able to do "realistic" things like pissing or showering. Now, this doesn't make them more relateable or grounded, as it doesn't actually expand upon their individual personality or characteristics. David Cage thinks it does though!
— Part four
David Cage Trope #343: There WILL be a character from Asian descent, and his accent WILL be racist.
— Part five
David Cage Trope #453: Make sure any illusions to a darker story are presented early on through very heavy-handed "vision" sequences that instead of building dread or intrigue naturally, slap the players in the face with your tiny wannabe film director dick!
— Part six
David Cage Trope #86: You have to have a minimum of at least one stripper scene in your games, because if you don't then no one will take you seriously as a film director...oh wait, did I say film? No, I meant games, video games! Yeah!
— Part seven
David Cage Trope #43: Create a gameplay flow that allows the player to check their brain at the door, and simply waste time endlessly running around the one map you've create, while they discuss much classier and serious entertainment, like Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
— Part eight
David Cage Trope #3: Instead of making interesting combat mechanics... Don't.
— Part nine
David Cage Trope #65: Since it's really hard to write compelling scenes that have a certain rhyme or reason, just have your main character equipped with a phone or some type of communication device. That way, story events can just happen out of nowhere with no real justification and build-up!
— Part ten
David Cage Trope #4.... One of the--wait no, fuck these descriptions. What the fuck is fucking happening now?
— Part eleven
David Cage Trope #53: Always makes sure to show mental health issues in one way and one way only! Anyone with a mental health issue therefore MUST be a stammering Frankenstein-like monster! It's the Cage-way!
— Part twelve
David Cage Trope #46: One of the main pillars of fooling people into thinking you are a competent game maker-- FUCK! No, again, gonna take a break from these descriptions to remind you all that at the start of this LP, some people out there were actually DEFENDING this game. That actually happened.
— Part thirteen
David Cage Trope #23: Talk about basic film-making terms without going into too much detail when you speak to prospective actors you are trying to con into starring into your game. Speak about "worlds" and "interactive entertainment" and they'll think you know what your talking about! Then they'll add their star power to your broken and flawed narrative! It's win-win!
— Part fourten
David Cage Trope #942: Have a shower scene in your game, cuz fuck it, why not?
— Part fifteen
David Cage Trope #112: Have dumb spinning power ups/collectibles in your story-heavy cinematic games. It helps the player feel more immersed in your non-nonsensical bullshit world of nothing.
— Part sixteen
David Cage Trope #345: David Cage makes movie-like experiences, because it's way easier/lazier than making a compelling game world.
— Part seventeen
David Cage Trope #532: One of the most fundamental pillars of game design is to have your characters control in the most unintuitive way as possible; if players are distracted by how poor the controls are, they won't have nearly enough time to think about all the holes your plot has.
— Part eighteen
David Cage Trope #77: I don't think there's even enough aspects of David Cage games to keep making these descriptions with...and also because I'm slowly slipping into the dregs of madness playing this schlock. If you can think of any more, hit me up on my twitter -
— Part nineteen
David Cage Trope #62: We're almost finished the game! Only a few minutes left until we beat it! Right? YEAHHHH!
— Part twenty
David Cage Trope #9563: David Cage sleeps nude in an oxygen tent which he believes makes him a good game director. It doesn't.
— Part twenty-one

[Note: There is no descriptions on parts 22 through 25]

David Cage Trope #456: Sometimes you don't have to fully test your games when they get ported to other platforms. But through strength and patience, the video game players can do it for you!
— Part twenty-six
David Cage Trope #55: You can save money on your modeling budget by simply designing weird growths at the ends of your NPCs arms, instead of accurately trying to replicate the human hand. The mannimal paw technique is something all aspiring character artists should master.
— Part twenty-seven
David Cage Trope #122: Design your game to be so obtuse and annoying that a group of friends will literally start screaming at each other for no reason!
— Part twenty-eight
David Cage Trope #321: Create fucking horrible shitty-ass library sections in your game to drive Matt fucking insane, cuz fuck you you hack fuck!
— Part twenty-nine
David Cage Trope #988: Today we play the Omikorn for good views, please cheeer us on. Subscribes go!
— Part thirty
dAVID: Gotta go to Fucktar. Have to fucktar.
— Part thirty-one
dAVID caged thing; please stop!@ Have to solve pain
— Part thirty-two
need supplies to fight satan so tired
— Part thirty-three
why does it have to be like this
— Part thirty-four
you can't do this to me
— Part thirty-five
it cannot die
— Part thirty-six
— Part thirty-seven
— Part thirty-eight Final

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