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Omnibus Title
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Game Omnibus
Length 26:26
Controller Matt, Liam, Woolie
Upload Date Jun 21, 2016
“Fuck the memories of heroes.” — Woolie

Omnibus is a one-off episode that features Matt, Woolie, and Liam take a joy ride through Ric Flair's tomb, downtown Springfield, a Sonic bonus level, and space.

About Edit

"Oh no Omnibus! Three idiots have decided to hitch a ride inside you! Make sure to throw them off with your dry wit and bouncy tires. Keep on rollin' baby! You know what time it is!"
— Website description

Quotes Edit

I'll hate on some tombs.
— Woolie


Fuck the memories of heroes.
— Woolie
You're a Kid Rock hepatitis but now.
— Matt
It's always nice to see my step-dad in a game.
— Matt
Did you mean father-in-law or step-dad?
— Liam
— Matt
If there's no air in space, why was the American flag flapping on the Moon?
— Matt


  • The intro music is [???].

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