Creepy Anime Bullshit

Oneechanbara Z Kagura NoNoNo!

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Game Oneechanbara Z Kagura NoNoNo!
Upload Date Apr 16, 2014
Controller Liam
Previous Galgun
Next Michigan: Report from Hell
“If she was completly naked, she'd look less naked.” — Matt

Creepy Anime Bullshit - Oneechanbara Z Kagura NoNoNo!  is the fourth episode of the Creepy Anime Bullshit series. In this episode Matt and Liam giant swing zombies, coordinate their girls, show off their new fashion line, discuss plot holes in Gremlins, find the prefect Woolie Hole, and get covered in fart juice.


— Video description


So I'm pretty sure the story of this game is, the design fell out of Matt Jr.'s head and landed on a young impressionable Tamsoft director's desk.
— Liam
If you tilt your head ninety degrees and kind of bounce it up and down, you can, like, follow along with some of the action that goes on with this.
— Matt
Did you read all the lore for this series?
— Liam
Not yet.
— Matt
She ran away, but we didn't have to animate her. Awww, yeah!
— Liam
When I came over and I put Oneechanbara in the PS3, I hit eject, and Face/Off came out. You were actually watching Face/Off!
— Liam
NO, I'm the best cowboy girl with tons of crap bolted to her.
— Matt
Don't make jokes from before I was born. Don't talk about the Soviet Union.
— Liam

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