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Orion: Prelude

Orion Prelude Title
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Game Orion: Prelude
Combined Length 41:55
Original Run Jun 25, 2017
Controller Matt
“People say comets destroyed the dinosaurs. Orion says... heavy fucking artillery.” — Woolie

Orion: Prelude is a one-off episode that features Matt and Woolie try to stop the evil Featherists from planting fake evidence to discredit the coolness of dinosaurs.

About Edit

— Website description

Quotes Edit

Let's jump into David eats ass!
— Matt
If I was to ascertain what this could be, it's a bunch of generic space marines shooting dinosaurs in the face and or ass.
— Matt
The Theme of Love from Orion: Prelude.
— Woolie
People say comets destroyed the dinosaurs. Orion says... heavy fucking artillery.
— Woolie
They were coming. They were coming hard. I could have said that better.
— Matt
Just leave it up to Richard.
— Woolie
Richard will make the video for us.
— Matt
He'll save the LP.
— Woolie
The LP? The LP now? The LP, this motherfucker says!
— Matt

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