Shitstorm 2: The Shittening


Outlast Thumb
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Game Outlast
Controller Pat
Length 51:58
Next Kuon
“Fuck this bullshit.” — Pat

Outlast is the first episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm 2: The Shittening special.

About Edit

— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat head into a scary asylum building to start off another month of scariness. Along the way, they look at their feet, learn how to uncrouch, slam doors, grab documents with fervour, back dash out of bathrooms, and balance for lean.

Quotes Edit

Oh my god, Outlast contains graphic sexual content.
— Pat
Survival horror may appear in your mirror.
— Matt
This game has been balanced for lean.
— Pat
Don't stop crouching; uncrouch.
— Pat
Remember kids, just slamajama.
— Matt
They've clearly done some retard science to these mental patients.
— Pat
This guy grabs documents with such fervour.
— Matt
You know there's Monstars.
— Pat
Can't go this way, gotta go this way... INTO THE SCARY ASYLUM BUILDING! WHERE THE DEVIL LIVES!
— Matt
Its peeking is balanced for peeking.
— Matt
Fuck this bullshit.
— Pat
Strait jacket priest man? Yeah, not great.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Let's Play video the Best Friends have ever done to feature face cam for the entire video.

Gallery Edit

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