Overwatch Stream!

Team #BlackGift vs #StormFeelers

Blackgift VS Stormfeelers Overwatch
Watch the archived footage on the website

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Game Overwatch
Air Date Sep 21, 2016
Controller BlackGift: Woolie, Mike0Dude, Mothman, and others

StormFeelers: Pat and the Bird Squad

“Is SkullGod a guy you paid to come into your team?” — Pat

Overwatch Stream! Team BlackGift vs StormFeelers is a Super Best Friends Stream "Secret Stream" event in which the Pat and his StormFeelers take on Woolie and team BlackGift as they stoke the flames of the next race war and reignite Pat's loot box addiction.

Quotes Edit

Quack. Quack. Quack.
— Fuggins
I just realized, this current thing looks really race war-y.
— Pat
We're all pregnant now.
— Pat
Pat's already dead. Pat was the first to die!
— BlackGift teammate
I know it's really petty, but since I know Woolie's streaming, I'm prioritizing him.
— Pat
Is SkullGod a guy you paid to come into your team?
— Pat
How's it feel to pub stomp a bunch of casuals, Woolie?
— StormFeeler teammate
It's Space Jam all over again!
— StormFeeler teammate
They might be curb stomping us but they have zero birds.
— StormFeeler teammate

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