SBFC 050

PJ Phil is becoming Shang Tsung

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Length 02:46:09
Date July 22, 2014
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“Don't name your baby The Penetrator.” — Matt

PJ Phil is becoming Shang Tsung is the fiftieth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

We’re back from ConBravo! Great times had all around! We talk about our weekend, our panel, and some of the big news going down this week! Also, Oreo taste test extravaganza!
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

Man, you know what the worst part about bike thieves is? They're riding a bike away. And you don't have a bike.
— Pat
Their target is a getaway vehicle, how are you supposed to beat that!?
— Matt
Yo ghosts come get me! Bitch nigga ghosts, what!? What!? What the fuck you got ghosts!?
— Woolie
PJ Phil has become Shang Tsung.
— Woolie
Yo, shout-outs who waited in line to get my shit signature. You people are awesome.
— Pat
What type of bad experience has ever happened with marshmallows to anyone ever!?
— Matt
You're a big chocolate baby.
— Pat, to Woolie
True games journalism starts now.
— Woolie
Anyone calling themselves the arbiter of anything is the arbiter of bullshit.
— Liam
You don't own the rainbow Saban!
— Pat
I want Snake to hang out with a cigar-chompin' lady Canadian sniper.
— Pat
It's very important that children periodically move between the child soldier room and the Mountain Dew room.
— Pat
Did you guys know that Matt is stupid?
— Pat
Did you guys know that Pat is right?
— Matt
Don't name your baby The Penetrator.
— Matt

Letter Time Edit

Q: I recently had to cut my hair, and I wondered how I would look with hairdo like Josuke. Could you guys pick a hairdo from any anime or movie that you would wear proudly? from Oswaldo

  • Pat: Anyone that has more hair than I have right now!
  • Matt: Guts
  • Liam: Squall
  • Woolie: Enrico Pucci

Q: Do you script your sponsor segments? from Ethan

  • We have the things we have to say, like the name of the product, where you can get it, and the name of the product. Everything else is just whatever.

Q: What was your favourite year in video games? from Ethan

  • Pat: 1998
  • Woolie: 1999
  • Liam: 1998 or 2007
  • Matt: 1987

Q: Would any of you consider yourself game collectors? from Amos

  • Not really.

Q: I got a Boston Terrier and I named him Iggy. I love him, he's the best pet I've ever had, but a piece of me feels like he's a living piece of fan merch. I wanted to know how you guys feel about naming pets and even children after game characters and stuff you like? from William

  • Liam: If you have a cat and you call it Vice, or a hamster and you call it Sid, that's cool, but if you have a baby and you call it Ganondorf....
  • Pat: Name your Weiner dog Zangief because that's hilarious and dogs are stupid. Don't name your child Turok.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Liam: Oddworld
  • Pat: The Destiny beta
  • Woolie: Push Me Pull You
  • Matt: A whole bunch of movies including the new Grudge and The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie

Trivia Edit

The muisc used in the outro is "More Important Than Michael Jordan" by Pretty Lights, from the album Filling Up The City Skies.