Two Best Friends

check out the PS4!

Two Best Friends Check Out The PS4
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Game Various NES Games
Combined Length 23:12
Original Run Nov 15, 2013
Controller Matt, Pat
“Best laid plans, man...!” — Pat

The PlayStation 4 is the recent console from Sony over which Matt and Pat have been getting super hyped.

Two Best Friends check out the PS4!Edit

At around 11:00pm GMT on Friday the 15th of November, 2013, a video was released on thesw1tcher titled 'Two Best Friends check out the PS4!'. The episode started with some footage of Pat's apartment with Pat making excuses as to why he hasn't yet bought the PS4. The rest of the video is titled 'Matt & Pat Play NES Games cuz they ain't got a PS4 yet!'.

Matt and Pat's OpinionEdit

Both Matt and Pat have been pretty hyped for the PS4, as made explicit many times in their videos. The day before the the US release of the console they posted a gifon their Facebook page that read '1 day', confirming that they were both crapping their pants over it.

Trivia Edit

  • The man in the title card is Antonio Banderas, an actor who has since become associated with PlayStation, due to the large amount of .gifs made featuring him. Since then, it has become a widespread meme. The still used in the title card is from the movie Assassins, which starred Banderas.

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