“Look at that PT Cruiser!” — Matt talking about a police car


The Chrysler PT Cruiser was a retro styled looking car manufactured from 2000 to 2010, selling nearly 1.5 million cars in that time span. Matt thinks every single car is a PT Cruiser because he doesn't drive and doesn't know a thing about cars. Because of this, often when a car is presented in a video game Matt will call it a PT Cruiser, annoying Pat.

It's been speculated that the Shame Car is a PT Cruiser, or was until it needed to be expanded into a limousine to accommodate all the people needing shaming.

Quotes Edit

Take form of... PT Cruiser!
— Matt talking to a Transformer
Why are you driving across country in a Ford Tempo?
— Pat
No. It's a PT Cruiser.
— Matt
No fuck you with your PT Cruiser shit! You keep calling everything a fucking PT- you don't know anything about cars!
— Pat

This discussion happened during part 5 of Deadly Premonition:..

Should be a PT Cruiser.
— Matt
God d- you don't even know what a PT Cruiser is!
— Pat
Whatever, it's turning into a thing we can use.
— Matt
Stop making memes!
— Pat
Stop making stuff we can use.
— Matt mocking Pat
Stop making the memes!
— Pat
If I see a fucking person wearing a shirt just with a PT Cruiser and your face on it...
— Pat

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