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Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim
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Game Pacific Rim: The Video Game
Length 16:33
Controller Matt, Woolie and Liam (Competitive)
Upload Date Jul 29, 2013

Super Best Friends Play Pacific Rim is a Super Best Friends Play episode in which Matt, Woolie, and Liam cancel the apocalypse with their unstoppable astral heats and bad Russian accents.

About Edit

Now I kinda want a Grown Ups 2 game!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Who are you, if you are Japanese and do not play this game.
— Woolie
China, known for its freezing technology.
— Matt
I want a big Jeager called Ezio Auditore da Firenze.
— Matt
I want Idris Elba to notice me today.
— Woolie
Russian engineering could be better.
— Liam
Everyone loves chest missiles, especially when the girl gets the mecha suit-then she can really shoot chest missiles.
— Matt
Astral finish! Cherno Alpha win!
— Liam, referencing BlazBlue
Cherno Alpha must get back in Shame Car.
— Matt (in Russian accent)
— Matt, Woolie, and Liam
Today we fight, today we cancel the Rising Superstar!
— Woolie
Liam just lost his salty virginity.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the occasion in which Liam is salty for the first time on the show, unofficially branding him as a member of the Best Friends.

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