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“Everyone's telling me to stop beating you. Woop woop. There's the sound of police.” — Paige

Paige is the girlfriend of Pat and owner of Elmo. Her Twitter account is PeachSaliva, her Youtube account is PeachSaliva and her Twitch account is also PeachSaliva.

Description Edit

Paige is an American voice actress and has stated that the reason she puts up with Pat is because he has a huge wiener. She gained her own fanbase when she started reading bad fan fictions on Periscope. She later moved her streams to Twitch and began incorporating games such as Asagao Academy and Bloodborne. Paige once fought Pat over the ham in his sandwich and is known to get mustard everywhere.


Trivia Edit

  • Paige loves Elmo GIFs causing people to believe that is why her cat is named Elmo. She has stated that this is not true.
  • Paige's birthday is August 5, 1988.
  • Paige is 5'4". [1]
  • She is not Pat's mother.
  • Paige is known to lose her keys so often that Pat has to keep spares in a safe that she can't access. She subsequently lost all the keys in the safe.
  • Paige once ate glass and, in a different instance, drank poison.
  • Paige once interrupted the Nier LP to argue with Pat over whether or not cupcakes are bread.
  • There have been times that she has had to Windex the trash so Pat won't eat out of it.
  • She has a clock set for how many days it's been since she was mistaken for a hooker.
  • She is known to have punched a woman in the gut by instinct, who then prompted to lie and say she was pregnant.
  • She has injured her neck by turning her head too fast. This has happened multiple times.
  • She enjoys sucking on lemons during every meal. Her obsession with it reached the point where she drank lemon extract which is used for cooking.
  • Mustard.
  • She is bisexual, and prefers women over men (Pat is an exception). [2]
  • Paige is a comedy writing partner of Asterios Kokkinos, both of whom are regular guests on The Dick Show podcast. She was brought onto the show after she was credited for writing what is widely considered one of Asterios' funniest bits.
  • Paige is prescribed adderall for her ADD. [3]

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