SBFC 078

Panty-raiding the Langzone

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Length 3:12:11
Date Feb 3, 2015
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“Why would visions of time have this aspect ratio?” — Woolie

Panty-raiding the Langzone is the seventy-eighth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

We catch up with two weeks of news and stuff! Much ado about Kamen Rider Gaim, Killer Instinct, Witcher 3 and…Metal Gear Rising 2?!
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

Africa needs a PR person.
— Pat
I was playing with Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Zach. And, uhhh... and Zach broke his leg.
— Liam
— Matt
He got better.
— Liam
Do I have to use a chicken on a pulley to do some dumb shit?
— Pat
You wanna pet Dave Lang?
— Liam
Is that post or pre black friend added into the cast?
— Woolie
I got my helix pierced.
— Woolie
Is that your dick?
— Liam
I don't hate people that have tattoos and piercings, I just think tattoos and piercings are dumb.
— Pat
Aww, I'm sorry I don't like Tea Races, you ass!
— Liam
Why would visions of time have this aspect ratio?
— Woolie
Oh so JoJo's really weird, huh? Shocking.
— Matt
How many people sitting at your anime fighting scene are just dakimakuras sitting in front of setups, with arcade sticks tapped to them?
— Pat
It's none of your business what my dick smells like!
— Pat
Speaking of placenta tearing through it and breaking it down...
— Woolie
I love the original thing where people interpreted that as there are sixteen hours of sex.
— Liam
Saban was driving the car? Is that what you're getting at?
— Woolie
Zordan accused of cannibalism!
— Matt
No, take that placenta off the mike.
— Liam
Monster girls is always better than splitting into an animal.
— Liam
Meow. Meow.
Someone's gotta suck a BBC dick. It's not gonna be me.
— Liam

Letter Time Edit

Q: Have you ever encountered a fan of something you love but they just love it so much more than you to the point of ridiculousness? - from Patrick

  • Pat: I enjoy Kingdom Hearts, so I win
  • Woolie: Possibly the same person with Evangelion and someone with Megaman X
  • Liam: I know someone that likes Castlevania a lot

Q: Pick a show from the sitcom time slot and make it a JRPG. - from Allen

  • Matt: Seinfeld
  • Pat: F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Curb Your Enthusiasm, Full House
  • Woolie: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Liam: Cheers, Lightning Returns if it was Joey, Frasier

Q: I'm making some super hot Portuguese Piri-Piri sauce, and want to know if Woolie is interested. - from Xana

  • Woolie: Fuck yeah!

Q: I found the perfect solution to the Reverse Mermaid/Mermaid debate. The solution is Princess Ruto from Ocarina of Time. Half-human half-fish all the way across the body. - from Benjamin

  • That doesn't count. Mermaids are defined by the definite split. You get the top half or the bottom half.
  • Woolie: I agree. Break the rules, find your own way.

Q: What should an indie developer do if they learn someone else is making a game similar to theirs but is more popular or has a larger budget? - from Cameron

  • Matt: Delay your product
  • Pat: Throw yourself out a window; unique-ify it and price accordingly; release your game at another time; don't follow Liam's murder advice
  • Liam: If it's a triple A developer, differentiate your game as much as possible. If it's an indie developer, kill the person in charge.

Q: How should exp gaining work for benched party members? - from Dude

  • Pat: They should all get the same amount
  • Woolie: It depends on the game
  • Liam: They should all get the same amount, except in one-on-one fight games

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