This is an extended page of the Parasite Eve II "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Breakowski, you're looking HOTTER than I remember.
— Part one
Not fer nuthin' Breakowski, but why don'tcha bring the precinct back some falafels while yer down there at the Akropolis?
— Part two
Aya, quit yer gaddamn splerching splooching already.
— Part three
Yea we're sendin' her out on some cow mission jus' ta get her outta the office fer a bit. Can't stand the smell of her mighta'kyandria.
— Part four
Breakowski don't trust no prep sweater Squaresoft lookin sunsabitches.
— Part five
No OSP this time Breakowski. Your mission contact will provide you with whatever firearms you need, providing you smell like strong mitochondia and/or dog piss.
— Part six
We're desperate to prove Aya's a huge nerd. Allow us to workshop this.
— Part seven
This episode was brought you by Coca-Cola®. Taste the Feeling.
— Part eight
My mitochondria don't, my mitochondria don't My mitochondria don't want none unless you got oxygen
— Part nine

*There are no video descriptions for parts ten through thirteen*

Marcooooo.... Poloooooo....
— Part fourteen
This is fucking stupid. You are a bad neo mitochondria monster. Very bad.
— Part fifteen
The Queen of Backtrack
— Part sixteen

*There are no video descriptions from parts seventeen onward*

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