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Party Hard

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Game Party Hard
Length 35:03
Controller Pat, Matt
Upload Date October 9, 2014
“That guy just looked at a guy burning up in the fucking barbecue and went, 'You're too drunk.'.” — Pat

Best Friends Play - Party Hard is a one-off episode in which Matt and Pat crash all the hottest lemon parties with horses running the coat check, complimentary bear traps set out for all the guests to enjoy, local DJs Dullahan and BearBear, local police coming by to bag up all the inconvenient corpse piles, and everyone's favorite plumber, Mario, jumping out of an occupied toilet to fix the windows.

About Edit

We work hard...we play we will PARTY HARD.
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Pat, why did you bring me to a gay steel mill?
— Matt
All of the parties. Lemon parties.
— Matt
I remember this old image that was a guy standing next to a gas station with this giant sign that said 'Sick of high gas prices? Visit'! I'm like, that guy, that guy is a hero because he's never going to get to enjoy the moment, he just has to know that it happens.
— Pat
The cop's like, 'I don't see any black people, so there must not be a murderer here.'.
— Matt
People seem to be leaving this party.
— Pat
Leaving... in a body bag.
— Matt
It's unclear if those chickens over there are party members.
— Matt
It tastes like a shit is like I put a poop in my mouth.
— Pat
That guy just looked at a guy burning up in the fucking barbecue and went, 'You're too drunk.'.
— Pat


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