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Pat Streams at

Final Fantasy XV

Pat Stares FFXV
Watch the archived footage on YouTube
Game Final Fantasy XV
Length 3:21:05
Air Date Dec 11, 2016
Controller Pat
“What's it like dating your own sister?” — Paige
“Weird.” — Pat

Pat Streams at Final Fantasy XV is a Super Best Friends Stream event in which Pat, Paige, Elmo, and Skelmo join a boy band to take down the tyrannical Justin Timberlake.

Quotes Edit

I'm his mother. Go to your room.
— Paige
Everyone's telling me to stop beating you. Woop woop. There's the sound of police.
— Paige
Can you set it to where they're mostly defending or mostly offending?
— Paige
Oh, we got reported for abuse.
— Pat
We are so pale.
— Paige
Welcome to cracker streams.
— Pat
I didn't hate watching Kingsglaive, it was just too long for my tastes.
— Paige
I hated watching it with you.
— Pat
There's a belt on my pants right now, woman! ... Streaming's the worst.
— Pat
Do you ever go outside?
— Paige
You know I try not to.
— Pat
I would play a game where Justin Timberlake is the main villain.
— Paige
Maybe a breeze happened or maybe she farted a little. You don't know. You don't know her life.
— Paige
What's it like dating your own sister?
— Paige
— Pat

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