SBFC 152

Perpetual Motion Hustler’s Paradise

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Length 2:57:55
Date Jul 4, 2016
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“Oh, I got salmonella from this sandwich. Well, it's better than nothing.” — Matt

Perpetual Motion Hustler’s Paradise is the one-hundred and fifty-second episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

The Mighty No 9 talk that we tried to have last week comes out this week. Meanwhile, VR porn. It’s not the end of Japan, but you can see it from here.
— Website description


This thing is a bus full of Korean children going over a cliff getting shot with machine guns on the way own.
— Pat about Umbrella Corps
I hate the way Beck looks, I hate the way Beck walks, I hate, HATE, with every fiber of my being, that dash mechanic.
— Pat
I should have played that demo way back so I could have been shitting on the game the whole time.
— Pat about Mighty No. 9
Oh, I got salmonella from this sandwich. Well, it's better than nothing.
— Matt
People's tastes differ.
— Woolie
Yeah, some people love the taste of shit in their mouth.
— Pat
That man is throwing an arcade stick. This is part of the process.
— Pat
He's congratulating the other player.
— Liam
The colon is part of your ass. It smells like farts.
— Pat
It should never be on the outside.
— Liam


Calcium-stone based combatants!
— Pat
They really didn't understand the appeal of the kid or squid dynamic!
— Matt

Letter Time Edit

Q: Why do you hate Azure Striker Gunvolt? from Alex

  • Matt: It's better than Mighty No. 9.
  • Woolie: It's boring and not fun.
  • Liam: I don't like the way it plays but I don't hate it.

Q: Is there anything you previously knew nothing about but then went full out on it? from Baylee

  • Matt: Red Dead Redemption.
  • Pat: Overwatch], Skullgirls, Persona.
  • Woolie: Persona.
  • Liam: Project Diva series and Nier.

Q: If you were forced to join a religion from a video game, assuming their beliefs are correct, what would you join? from Cameron

  • Matt: Yevon.
  • Pat: 40K's Gold Emperor.
  • Woolie: Unitology seems nice, the brainwashed people from Deep Sea 4, and Imortan Joe.

Q: Have you noticed any games that have done a really good job of characterizing a group or cultural identity? from Jack

  • Pat: Nier and Witcher 3.
  • Liam: Nier and hunting games.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Not choosing between Callie and Marie in the last Splatfest.

Trivia Edit

  • The music used in the outro is ["DJ Professor Kunta"] by truongasm.