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Persona 4 Arena

Persona 4 Arena
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Game Persona 4 Arena
Upload Date Apr 25, 2014
Length 1:07:43
Previous Street Fighter 4 Vanilla
Next Soul Calibur 2 & 5
“This episode is literally you going 'No! Persona!'” — Woolie

Persona 4 Arena is the third episode of Friday Night Fisticuffs. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam reach out to the truth as they mash their way to victory, make out with each other, argue over waifus and get hyped for Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold.

About Edit

Tonight on FNF we've got ALL the waifus and ALL the husbandos!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Woolie only likes Persona 'cause of this game.
— Matt
... but you can still put your head on her lap.
— Liam, on Aigis
Chie is so cool.
— Pat
Are you using like, Mitsuru's Shoryuken as an offence?
— Pat
Knowing nothing, how come it said 'fatal counter', but the character didn't die?
— Matt
That's how this game works when you're new. You just do a bunch of shit.
— Pat
Of course you'd pick Rise.
— Liam, to Pat
I'm the worst game.
— Pat
Triple H would never play you.
— Matt
I'm the champion of Persona!
— Matt
Is Shadow Labrys in Ultimax... have a Shadow version?
— Pat
If David Cage were in a fighting game, Woolie would take him as long as he did Steve Fox shit.
— Matt
Mash until it works.
— Pat
The one who loses has to make out with the other.
— Pat
That's really all you need, good ole' Dragon Kick.
— Woolie
You knew this was gonna be waifu battles.
— Pat
When did Raiden have big, big, heaving boobs?
— Pat
You're gonna shit on black and white, the basis of our reality!?
— Woolie
This episode is literally you going 'No! Persona!'
— Woolie
Now I need Sp00ky's dulcet tones.
— Pat


Matt 1/3
Pat 12/2
Woolie 5/6
Liam 2/9

Letter Time Edit

Q: How did you keep your cool fighting Daigo in Street Fighter? from Haria

  • Pat: He didn't, that's why he ate four Shoryuken's in a row.
  • Woolie: I was practicing with Infiltration the night before.

Q: Are there any fighters you guys play where you prefer controller over a stick? from Steve

  • Tekken

Q: What makes a fighting game more exciting to watch, the people or the game itself? from Jerome

  • Matt: The game
  • Pat: The game
  • Woolie: It's the game, until you get to tournament level.

Q: What's the hypest game to watch? from Curtis

  • Pat: Persona 4 Arena, King of Fighter XIII
  • Woolie: Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

Q: If there was a Dark Souls fighting game where you played as the bosses, who would you use?

  • Liam: The Penetrator
  • Pat: Smough
  • Matt: Sif, the Great Grey Wolf
  • Woolie: The Pursuer

Q: Hey guys, instead of Decapre, Eagle. from Edmond

  • Yes.

Q: When's Cho Aniki? from Phil G.

  • Woolie: Soon I hope. But the answer's never.
  • Pat: The answer's tonight.

Q: Do you prefer hidden character or all unlocked? from Corbin

  • Pat: All unlocked
  • Woolie: All unlocked
  • Liam: In most fighting games, all unlocked, but yes for Super Smash Bros..
  • Matt: It's fine with extra versions of existing characters.

Q: How do you feel when people tell you to get good, when they use a tactic like standing at the end of the screen and spamming projectiles? from Devin

  • It's an asshole thing to do, but it's a viable thing.

Trivia Edit

  • As a result of Pat and Liam's jabs at Woolie for not playing any of the games in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series, he ended up playing and completing all of Persona 3 FES in three weeks, clocking in at 170 hours. Woolie revealed this to Pat's disbelief in episode forty-four of the Super Best Friendcast, Don’t Share the Wad.

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