Super Best Friends Drift

Persona 4 Racing All Afternoon

Persona 4 Racing All Afternoon
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Game Persona 4 Racing All Afternoon
Length 42:57
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Feb 8, 2015
“Nanako should have been in the game.” — Woolie

Persona 4 Racing All Afternoon is a Super Best Friends Drift episode in which Pat and Woolie battle for the honour of their waifus on the road.

About Edit

Let’s take these Waifu Wars on the road!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Woolie, what the fuck is this?
— Pat
I used to laugh at those comics because I thought P3 was just like, a weeaboo simulator, and then I realised it's just a really good weeaboo simulator.
— Pat
Fuckin'... Shinji was Akihiko's girl.
— Pat
I don't mind telling the world I'm not a fan of blonde Rise just yet.
— Woolie
Nanako should have been in the game.
— Woolie
I don't have to forget The Answer, because I never played The Answer.
— Pat
I love Persona.
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • In the description for the YouTube upload, below the website link, they noted that they were using an older version of the game, which still had the music and multiplayer feature: "Note: We're using an older version of the game because the most recent ones have removed multiplayer. Also the music had to be replaced."
  • Persona 4: Racing All Afternoon can be downloaded here.

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