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Game Weaponlord
Length 6:21
Date Jan 22, 2012
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Previous The History of Fatalities
“You don't have enough balls in your dick to play this game!” — Woolie

Play Weaponlord Immediately is the sixth episode of Fighterpedia where Matt and Woolie tell you how metal and ahead of its time Weaponlord is, and how it's badass as fuck.

About Edit

Woolie and Matt need you to understand just how top tier Weaponlord is. It wins CONSTANTLY. SHUT UP AND GO PLAY IT.
— Video description


Weaponlord has so many systems! And they're all fucking your mom at the same time.
— Woolie
She's air tight!
— Matt on your Mom.
Seeing a pattern here, shitlords!?
— Matt
Who brought us this ball-droppin', valhallin', 24-meg donkey punch?
— Woolie
At the end of the day, when a game has great art, deep gameplay, and a really bitchin' logo, isn't that what counts?
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • The background music played at 5:20 is "To Zanarkand", from the Final Fantasy X soundtrack.
  • This video marks the first appearance of The Porn Box.

Gallery Edit

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