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Pocket Rumble!

Pocket Rumble Title
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Game Pocket Rumble
Length 9:31
Controller Competitive
Upload Date Nov 22, 2014
“I'd put Iori in a dress in my pants.” — Liam

Pocket Rumble is a one-off episode that features Matt, Woolie, and Liam promoting a pre-alpha Kickstarter game as they tell the world of all the good handheld fighting games.

About Edit

Woolie, Matt and Liam reach deep inside their pockets to pull out some rumbles!
— Facebook description

Quotes Edit

Hey fellas. I have some type of rumble in my pocket.
— Matt
Is that.. are you just excited to see me?
— Liam
I'd put Iori in a dress in my pants.
— Liam
Is it pre-alpha? I wasn't too sure.
— Woolie
I would love if one character in this game had the most complicated motions ever.
— Liam
Terry and Rock, just together, and then they have a daughter together, somehow.
— Matt
Everyone's androgynous on a handheld.
— Matt


  • Although the title card shows this video as "Best Friends Play", it is actually listed as "Super Best Friends Play".

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