This is an extended page of the Pokemon LeafGreen "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Welcome to baby's first Fight Club.
— Part one
This Kumite Death Party continues as our heroes enter the forest of weird noises and creepy shit!
— Part two
We've GOT to find a way to fit more animals in these pants.
— Part three
DMX comin' for dat boulderbadge, Pallet town style muthafukka!
— Part four
I got BLOOD on my hands cause I got NO REMORSE/ Now there's BLOOD on my PIDGEY cause I PECK the corpse/
— Part five
Will we survive the bullshit that is early game electric types? We might. Not sure though.
— Part six
HELIX or DOME? MEGA PUNCH or MEGA KICK? DogMasterXtreme takes a long hard look in the mirror and makes some decisions about his life.
— Part seven
Ja Rule tryin' to holla holla at us on Nugget Bridge, but we ain't trying to hear that shit, fam.
— Part eight
Someone please call nine-one-onnnneeeee~!
— Part nine
Ayo Misty! Whatup shawty. Mighty fine Cascade ice ya got. Hows about you RUN DAT SHIT!
— Part ten
All my GROUND TYPES meet me outside, meet me outside, meet me outside! All my ROCK TYPES meet me outside, meet me outside, meet me outside!
— Part eleven
Dig a hole, Dig a hole! Go 'head, bury yoself.
— Part twelve
"I'm tellin ya DMX, ya gotta force feed the Thunderstone to your Pikachu if you wanna win! Just shove it down his throat dry, he loves it!" - Lt.Surge
— Part thirteen
One time, we walked in on a Pokefreak trying to "hatch" about a half-dozen Ultra balls in an alley behind a PokeMart. That shit scarred DMX for life.
— Part fourteen
Who the fuck even names a tunnel 'Rock Tunnel'? What the fuck else is it supposed to be made of? Ain't that some shit." DMX pondered as he smushed CD's into a Meowth's face.
— Part fifteen
DMX is SUPER afraid of Poke-ghosts, you guys.
— Part sixteen
I wish my mall sold me Kamehameha style death beams when I was a kid.
— Part seventeen
Our adventure continues as DMX sneaks into an illegal underground gambling den, and shuts that shit down, never truly realizing that his quest is only one violent act away from being over at any time.
— Part eighteen
— Part nineteen
It's non-stop desecration hour on the Nuzlocke run! Straight from the Ashes of Celedon's Gym, into the sacred burial ground for all dead pokemon - why? To beat them again of course. Not even the grave can save you from D.M.X.
— Part twenty
The Vote is in! This adventure grows more perilous with every turn! Meanwhile...Ja Rule lurks in the distance...
— Part twenty-one
Man, no wonder they shut this place down later. What's the friendship level supposed to be on something you caught by stoning it into submission?
— Part twenty-two
Koga, you're a cool guy, but you're kinda shit at making sure people in your gym are using the correct type.
— Part twenty-three
Rumours of our deaths have been slightly exaggerated. Can't say the same for Koga though. Oh shit! We forgot FLY.
— Part twenty-four
Bikers and children run these streets with an iron fist. A new hope joins the team. Together we march onward to stop this deadly alliance.
— Part twenty-five
Snorlax! You obese fuck! You only learned that sleep move because I sold it to you!
— Part twenty-six
That shitty fighting gym isn't even a legal gym. The place is a mess, and we saw no fewer than 2 Machokes snorting lines out back.
— Part twenty-seven
You know what Giovanni? Fuck it, rule the pokeworld through pharmaceutical takeovers, do what you want. Go nuts. I'mma just take this Lapras and peace out tho.
— Part twenty-eight
We should just talk about Wet for the rest of the LP. Stay tuned for more info on the Nuzlocke Livestream, starting after episode 30!
— Part twenty-nine
Why does my Lapras look stoned as fuck? Oh.
— Part thirty

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