Two Best Friends Play:

Pokemon Snap

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Game Pokemon Snap
Season 5
Episode 10
Length 13:26
Upload Date Sep 9, 2012
Controller Matt and Pat
Previous Slender
Next Tekken Tag 2
“I hear the telltale signs of Woolie fucking Pokemon coming from this cave.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Pokemon Snap is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat control the player named "ShtLord" who physically assaults Pokemon with fruit so he can get better pictures of them.


We wanna be, the very best, like no one ever wasssssss!
— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon features Matt and Pat riding through Pokemon Island snapping shots until Matt spots the ever sexy Jessie from Team Rocket in a bikini on the beach and promptly takes photos of her instead.

Quotes Edit

The last time you went to the beach it didn't turn out so good.
— Matt, to Pat
Wake up you fat piece of shit Snorlax!
— Pat
What's your mom doing on this island?
— Matt to Pat after seeing a Snorlax
This game plays you more than you play it.
— Matt
Spiderman is a new form of Pokemon... he's in the New York/Johto region.
— Pat
Here's a picture of Pikachu getting sick punked by an apple!
— Pat
You got to make Professor Oak happy so he doesn't touch a little kid again.
— Matt
He's probably gonna find some land of the babes and he's totally gonna get snoo-snoo.
— Matt
These Vulpixes are suffering from a hype overload.
— Pat
[After spotting a Slowpoke] Hey, it's Kotaku!
— Matt
Snorlax is like a guy who works in the union in the south Bronx and doesn't do anything.
— Matt
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • 2Snacks made an animated video of this episode.
  • Instead of a title card, this episode ends with a short cartoon animated by Wronchi Animation.
  • This video has an animated outro as well, showing Matt and Pat being victims of a thunderbolt attack from a Pikachu who shoots them off into the sky with them yelling "Two Best Friends are blasting off again!"

Gallery Edit

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