SBFC 144

Porn Down Weekend

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Length 2:24:59
Date May 10, 2016
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“He's not black, he's evil.” — Pat

Porn Down Weekend is the one-hundred and forty-fourth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Overwatch! Civil War! Nioh! And the state of our Nintendo!
— Website description


Typing the phrase 'porn down weekend' into Google did not work.
— Pat
When Baroque came out I was too baroque to buy it.
— Pat
I want all my groceries in one bag but I don't want it to be heavy.
— Matt
He's not black, he's evil.
— Pat
Wings of man ass.
— Pat
— Liam
Is Frank Castle scarier before or after he loses his family.
— Pat
They have the magical power to not just trip over their own assholes.
— Liam

Letter Time Edit

Q: Do you have a favorite unnamed character? from Anonymous

  • Matt: The Man with No Name.
  • Pat: I'd tell you but they have no name.
  • Woolie: The guy from Drive.

Q: Have you ever skipped an episode of it and went back and found out it was amazing? from Alex

  • Matt: Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Lower Decks" and some random episode of Gem and the Holograms where they were on a train.
  • Pat: This never happens to me because I am a crazy person.
  • Woolie: I read the hardback of The Ultimates and then softback volume 2, part 2 and an episode of ReBoot due to YTV bullshit.
  • Liam: I watched the first half of Psycho-Pass and then accidentally started the second season.

Q: Any allergies? from Tim

  • Matt: No, as far as I know.
  • Pat: Perfume and cats.
  • Woolie: Cats.
  • Liam: Paper Mario games.

Q: Who is more likely to win, the man with nothing to lose or the man with everything on the line? from Eddie

  • Matt: The canon strongest character in Street Fighter is Cody and he doesn't give a fuck about anything.
  • Pat: I believe, in war, giving a fuck matters.
  • Woolie:
  • Liam: In real life, the better fighter would win.

Q: What's coming up on the watch and what's coming out on the channel? from Mike

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Alien Nation, Star Fox: Zero, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, and porn.
  • Pat: Final Fantasy XIV and Dark Souls 3.
  • Woolie: Nioh and Speedrunners.
  • Liam: Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India and Nioh..
  • Collectively: Overwatch and Captain America: Civil War.

Trivia Edit