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Possessed Title
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Game Possessed
Length 28:01
Controller Pat
Upload Date Jul 4, 2017
“I guess this is the "Put Orphans on Blast" episode.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play Possessed is a Super Best Friends Play episode in which Matt and Pat bring the Shitstorm early this year by entering a world of never ending load zones, orphan spawn doors, and poo logs.

About Edit

— Video description

Quotes Edit

This looks like a Doom mod made with the Half-Life one engine.
— Pat
No way. This looks like a Doom mod running on plastic and oil.
— Matt
I don't know if this is Liefeldian. This is Lovecraftian.
— Matt
Why do they slide so far?
— Pat
“Because they're orphans.” — Matt

Why would you make a door that an adult can just peer over?
— Pat
In an orphanage!
— Matt
I feel like there should be one more rush of orphans. The locusts known as orphans.
— Matt
Maybe when you get outside there will be the orphan queen.
— Pat
The scariest of all monsters.
— Pat
Your child.
— Matt
I guess this is the "Put Orphans on Blast" episode.
— Matt

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