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Power Drive 2000 (Pre-Alpha)

Power Drive 2000 Title
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Game Power Drive 2000 (Pre-Alpha)
Length 13:05
Controller Matt and Woolie
Upload Date May 27, 2015
“Don't tell me my time. You'll fuck me up! Oh shit!” — Matt

Power Drive 2000 (Pre-Alpha) is a Super Best Friends Drift episode in which Matt and Woolie play a pre-alpha of the game in order to promote its Kickstarter. Described as "driving on the Blood Dragon title screen," Power Drive 2000 is an '80s themed arcade racer featuring a story mode, race mode, outrun mode, and turbo mode. Much like the Drift Stage episode, the Best Friends face off in a timed race utilizing Top Gear rules; three laps each, fastest time wins.

About Edit

Woolie The Stig takes on Matt McMotors in this early demo look at Power Drive 2000! It's got less than a week left on Kickstarter, so take a look if you think it's cool!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Yes, this looks exactly like the Blood Dragon title screen.
— Matt
Don't worry 'bout it. Best of three, remember?
— Matt
Best of three.
— Woolie
It's got all the right filters.
— Woolie
It's just Blood Dragon: The Racer.
— Matt
If there was a story mode to this game, it would just be Kung Fury.
— Woolie
...your car is basically KITT.
— Matt
Girls, girls, there's more than enough of me to go around!
— Woolie
You can both... fund... me!
— Matt
Don't tell me my time. You'll fuck me up! Oh shit!
— Matt


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