Rustlemania 2: SuperBrawl Saturday III

Power Move Pro Wrestling

Power Move Thumb
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Game Power Move Pro Wrestling
Length 23:52
Winner The camera controls
Previous 5 Star Wrestling
Next Ring of Destruction
“You don’t want anyone to know that you suck suckles at fucking Knuckles.” — Matt

Power Move Pro Wrestling is the twelfth episode in the Best Friends' Rustlemania 2: SuperBrawl Saturday III special.


"CAN YOU MASTER THE DREADED 360 CAMERA TURN? This is one of the most devastating techniques in wrestling, especially with a loud-mouthed ring announcer screaming in your ear! THESE POWER MOVES ARE CRAZY SICK, SON!"
— Video Description


Matt, Pat, and Liam re-skin an entire wrestling company as they unlock new mind games never before seen in a wrestling game, create a montage of the greatest matches this game has ever seen, cat call twenty-one different wrestlers in a row, and get 'Wow!'ed by the Egyptian.


They didn't learn how to pick people up in wrestling until 2012, so...
— Liam
This is one of the earliest 3D wrestling games, sure feels like it.
— Matt
Look how black my nips are.
— Pat
Just like in real life.
— Liam
Woolie hates raccoons because they steal food out of his slime kitchen.
— Pat
You're walking down and there's, like, four raccoons and one them just looks at you and goes, 'Tunnel Snakes rule!'.
— Liam
Nobody's a winner when you play this game.
— Liam
In the blue corner, he gets most of the women and some of the men, it's the Egyptian!
— Matt
It always weirded me out that for a body slam you have to pick a guy up by his dick.
— Pat
Well, it's the easiest way to pick up a guy. I mean, there's a handle right there.
— Matt
You don’t want anyone to know that you suck suckles at fucking Knuckles.
— Matt

Jimmies' Status Edit

Matt - [X]Rustled [ ]Unrustled

Pat - [X]Rustled [ ]Unrustled

Woolie - Not Present

Liam' - [X]Rustled [ ]Unrustled

Trivia Edit


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