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Super Best Friends Brawl:

Power Stone 2

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Game Power Stone 2
Length 32:37
Upload Date Mar 2, 2013
Winner Matt
Next Perfect Dark
Previous Mario Kart

Super Best Friends Brawl - Power Stone 2 features Pat, Matt and Woolie fighting in the Dreamcast classic if ever such a thing existed. Of course since it was on Dreamcast, James Small is brought up from time to time and the hardware doesn't always quite work. Matt wins the brawl 3 wins to Woolie's 2 and Pat's salty 1.


Behold as Matt Pat and Woolie grab each other's stones to beat each other up in a powered-up fashion!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Every time we turn on the Dreamcast it feels like it's a lightning bolt striking a corpse that never truly lived.
— Matt
Your wang smells like tang
— Pat to Matt
[After restarting for the third time] What a great console.
— Matt
I wanted noodles!
— Woolie on taking so long ordering Chinese
Everything's coming up Milhouse!
— Woolie
Ass climbers? I'll watch that.
— Pat
You're creeping me out Pat.
— Woolie on Pat talking about old classmates
Oh my god. You got seizures bubbles going on?!
— Pat
You steamboat motherfucker.
— Pat
Maybe you shouldn't have been such a dick to us in Anarchy Reigns.
— Matt in response to Pat being salty over being chastised for stinking
Pat wouldn't go to heaven!
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • The movie "Sudden Death" is brought up once again as a match went into Sudden Death.
  • Woolie tells a story about how a fighting tournament ended up at the organizer's house and the Mortal Kombat segment was played on a piss absorbent mat in the bathroom.
  • Fresh off of Revengeance's release, the Brawl features its soundtrack throughout the playthrough.

Gallery Edit

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