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PREDATOR Concrete Jungle LP

Predator- Concrete Jungle
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Game Predator: Concrete Jungle
Episodes 14
Combined Length 6:57:56
Original Run Mar 7, 2013 - Apr 20, 2013
Controller Matt
“Pretty elaborate fuck up.” — Woolie

Matt's Bomb-Ass PREDATOR Concrete Jungle LP is a full Let's Play in which Matt and Woolie play as Jerry the Predator, pissing off Uncle Phil Predator in the worst Predator game ever, as they hunt game, skin dudes, and fuck with Borgia.

Matt, who originally intended to have Pat join him but dropped out because he was a poo-babbie, tricks Woolie into joining him with promises of Persona 4 Arena.


Matt and Woolie play as Jerry the Predator, pissing off Uncle Phil Predator in the worst Predator game ever, as they hunt game, skin dudes, and fuck with Borgia.
— Website description

See the individual episode descriptions at the Predator: Concrete Jungle Descriptions page.

Quotes Edit

This copy of Predator: Concrete Jungle has bounced around between more men than Taylor Swift.
You've been seen so many times that the predator, like, buttlords are like, 'Holy shit dude, you are being looked at all the time!' He's like, 'Oh fuck, I'm sorry Uncle Phil.'
It's like 'Liam, wanna have the gay sex with me?' and hes like, 'No, I've got a card game.'
If you are a hooker, and I know some of you out there must be. If you decide to go with a pimp whose previous occupation was voodoo death god, you might wanna look at your priorities a little more closely, instead of not at all.
Predator D.A.R.E.s to keep kids off drugs... by fucking beheading the dealers.
Scan his shit!
Of course you and Pat think of Pokemon while I think of porn stars
Matt, to Woolie, on the name Giovanni
Anything that looks different should be killed. Rule of thumb.
If you see a Predator, and you have an erection for more than four hours, call us.
Tell us how sick it was
Will Woolie fap to Topanga? Find out on the next episode of Predator: Concrete Jungle.
Matt, after telling Woolie that Topanga did a spread for Maxim
Someone was like 'Matt's gotta bone the Stone, but Woolie's gotta banga Topanga.'
And Pat has to fap to PS4 specs.
Matt, stating the truth
It's like butt-ception.
I totally cock blocked that guy. That makes this trophy worthy.
Sometimes I'm the best at videogames.
You say after colossal failure.
Predators don't crawl. They walk bravely into danger, and they don't scared of nothing.
So someone asked 'How come Pat and Woolie don't have their own show where they talk shit about Matt?' and I said I tried to make that happen, there was poop everywhere.
Riveting. This is exactly like Revengeance.
All units! I shat out my bowels!
Hey, this bus is for humans! You Predators have to sit in the back.
My dad always used to say, 'Be nice to ugly girls, because when they grow up they might have a friend, and not be so ugly'.
The truth behind the Matrix is that everyone is really an ex-porn star hooker.
Alright, you just keep falling off those buildings, and I'll just say Full House quotes in Predator voices.
Can we play Persona now?

Trivia Edit

  • Matt originally alluded to this playthrough in his Matt's Hard Desicions video on August 17, 2012 with a "To Be Continued" mark in the same font and fashion as is used in the playthroughs title/ending cards. However after playing the games opening segments following the video he became disenchanted with the title and attempted to pretend it had never been brought up in the first place. Eventually he was pushed to play by the fans and started the playthrough March 7, 2013 a full 202 days or 6 months 18 days (exluding end date) later.
  • During the first episode, Woolie states that the copy of Predator: Concrete Jungle they used once belonged to James Small. It was later given to Woolie, who forced Pat to borrow it. Pat attempted to return it, but Woolie refused, resulting in Pat hiding the game at Woolie's house. Matt found the copy at some point, and Woolie let him borrow it, telling him to never bring it back. It's been with Matt ever since.
  • The Jamaican Scorpion God is mentioned during this playthrough. Jamaican Beef Patties and Bob Marley vinyls are its preferred sacrifices.
  • This is the first Let's Play to not feature Pat.


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