SBFC 198

Preggo Shino Kai, The Rebel King Hedgehog

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Length 3:24:24
Date May 22, 2017
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“The instant Matt leaves the room we start talking about black face.” — Pat

Preggo Shino Kai, The Rebel King Hedgehog is the one-hundred and ninety-eighth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Matt battled a Flamingo, Pat falls down the MOBA hole, & Woolie yells about Attack on Titan. You can watch us record the podcast live on
— Website description


Will there be a preggo slider?
— Pat
You can look through the window and throw in condoms like they're Poké Balls.
— Pat
A tricked out PSP though was swag as fuck.
— Woolie
All the pussy.
— Matt
Because Kevin Butler was like, 'Oh, I need to kick it over to my PSP marketing.' and it was a black kid on the subway.
— Pat
Now parents, aren't all minstrel shows shitty?
— Woolie
Well, they mean it's one that doesn't have a lot of production value behind it.
— Pat
The instant Matt leaves the room we start talking about black face.
— Pat
Wish me luck.
— Pat
In dying?
— Woolie
— Pat
Okay. I hope you die.
— Woolie
The on difficulty setting for that game is "Fuck you!".
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: What's your favorite self-imposed video game challenge? from Vowels

  • Matt: Stealth in games that have stealth as a mechanic but don't force it.
  • Pat: No guns in Mirror's Edge.
  • Woolie: Strive for S Rank with no items in Platinum Games games.

Q: A super hero is trying to kill you and will do anything they can to take you out. Who do you want chasing you and how would you prevent your inevitable death? from Matthew

  • Matt: Fin Fang Foom because that would be an awesome way to die.
  • Pat: Leech from X-Men because his power is to take away mutant powers and I'm not a mutant.
  • Woolie: Maggot from the X-Men because his Maggots are super slow and I can outrun them.

Q: Do you prefer to find out about a new game by a leak or by an official announcement? from Brandon

  • Pat: I don't care. The worst example of official source is when Ono spoiled the announcement of Street Fighter X Tekken.

Q: Do you think the biggest reason Yakuza is not successful in the West is because of the lack of English voice acting? Are people too lazy to read all those subtitles? from Roman

  • Pat: No, because Yakuza 1 had a crazy expensive English dub and it still failed. No, it's because it's very niche and Japanese.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Firday the 13th game, Perception, and Ultra Street Fighter II.
  • Pat: The Surge.
  • Woolie: Baiken and moving.

Trivia Edit