Super Best Friends Play


Prey Title
Watch this episode on YouTube
Game Prey
Season 12
Episode 1
Length 12:57
Upload Date May 14, 2017
Controller Pat
Previous Mass Effect: Andromeda
Next The Surge
“I can be a brick. I can be a dildo. Now I'm inside you. Fucking Punk'd.” — Pat

Super Best Friends Play Prey is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat take a trip to the way too near future to fight off dildo-mimics on their mission to save the Native Americans and three-boobed alien women.


Sometimes you wake up in the morning and just need to start screaming at all your coffee cups.
— Video description


Tommy, we need to fight the aliens with your Native American powers!
— Pat
No! This has nothing to do with that Turok game!
— Matt
Three boobs.
— Pat
Four is too much.
— Matt
Four is far too much.
— Pat
Five? No. Three? Perfect. The way God intended.
— Matt
I can be a brick. I can be a dildo. Now I'm inside you. Fucking Punk'd.
— Pat

Gallery Edit

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