For the Machinima episode, see Punch-Out!!.

Two Best Friends Play:

Punch Out!! (Bloopers/Outtakes)

Punch out bloopes
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Game Punch-Out!!, Super Punch-Out!!
Length 6:59
Upload Date Dec 3, 2011
“I'm gonna get his walker and just shit all over him with it!” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Punch-Out!! (Bloopers/Outtakes) is a bloopers episode in which Matt and Pat tell invisible friends to shut up, get beat up by Freddie Mercury, shit all over old men with their walkers, and shake their stupid funny tits.


Punch-Out!! is super racist. It's not our fault.
— Video description


That's good. That's good, those squeaky giggles.
— Matt, to unknown person
Shut up! You're fucking ruining everything, just shut up!
— Pat, to same person
Why is here though?
— Matt, about Mario
Cause apparently he's broke as shit and needs money all the time! Peach buys expensive shit!
— Pat
Dude, seriously, why are you letting Freddie Mercury beat the shit out of you?
— Pat
Mario was like, "Wow, that guy really lost it in the second round. It's almost like an idiot was controlling him."
— Matt
Remember that time Bret Hart just shit his pants in the ring?
— Matt
Racist caricature number five.
— Pat
I'm gonna get his walker and just shit all over him with it!
— Pat

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