The Amazing Superfriends!

Punisher No Mercy/NES

Punisher No Mercy
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Game The Punisher: No Mercy

The Punisher (NES)

Length 34:33
Controller Matt, Pat
Previous Wolverine's Adamantium Revenge Rage
Next X-Men Legends II
“Don't do the crimes unless you can handle being brutally murdered by a vigilante in a shark tank.” — Pat

Punisher No Mercy/NES is the twentieth episode in the Best Friends' The Amazing Superfriends! special.


Matt, Pat and Woolie punish some innocent criminals!
— Website Description


Matt and Pat play the no longer available PS3 Punisher game, in which they look through the amazing character models, get shit talked by ghosts, say one liners to dead guys, and yell at Pat when he gets a call from Liam. Later Matt and Woolie ditch the childhoodless Pat so they can play the NES Punisher and slide about on their battle skateboard, shank Fin Fang Foom, discuss underrated super powers, and Punch-Out!! fight criminals.


The opening animation is the same one used for Batman Brave & The Bold.

Quotes Edit

He plays pinball with thugs, with their souls.
— Pat
So this sounds great already.
— Pat
It's not.
— Matt
This is an atrocious pile of dog poop.
— Pat
It was Kojima. He was like, 'How can you not rike Crime Rife: Gang Wars'... oh god that's awful. That's really terrible.
— Pat
Remember that time Punisher had to punish a piece of cake?
— Matt
They put on the black guy voice modulator!
— Matt
Yeah, it's right next to robot.
— Pat
(Pat's phone rings) Oh my god, Iaah, oh my god, no! Noooooo!
— Pat
— Matt
Don't do the crimes unless you can handle being brutally murdered by a vigilante in a shark tank.
— Pat
Gotta go fast!
— Matt, as The Punisher
Just Frank in one hand, looking at the Sunday comics, blowing away dudes.
— Woolie
I need to kill them while they're in prison. They get food there.
— Matt
How 'bout you get good with your body.
— Woolie
Why isn't there an Absorbing Man game?
— Matt
LJN, get on that shit.
— Woolie

Trivia Edit

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