SBFC 005

Pure Scumbag Tactics Are the Only Way to Win

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Length 2:05:45
Date September 10, 2013
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“I'm just emanating good video game Karma.” — Woolie

SBFC 005: Pure Scumbag Tactics Are the Only Way to Win is the fifth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

The Friendcast is having THOUGHTS and FEELS on things like PS Vita TV, Deep Down, Attack on Titan 3DS, Sexism in MGS5, Xbox One backward compatibility, Yakuza games, Jojo sales figures, Peter Molyneux and the new Robocop.
— Podcast description


That's the thing about Ultron, pure scumbag tactics are the only way to win.
— Woolie
I touched John Van Damme.
I'm just emanating good video game Karma.
— Woolie
If you run outta stuff to talk about, just talk about dead wrestlers.
It's Assassin's Dogma's Monster Hunting Creed Souls.
— Pat
When you start your tweet with 'I don't care if this gets me in trouble', guess what the fuck you're getting yourself into'.
There was a Doug one, and one of the buttons was Doug. What does the Doug button do!?
— Woolie
Are you saying you wanna see a RoboCop movie so bad you wanna eliminate all children?
— Matt
Everything needs more offence.
— Pat
Suplexes to teachers, go!
— Pat
Please be excite for mysteries.
— Liam

Letter TimeEdit

Q: What do you look for in a fight stick?

  • Pat: I look for it to be heavy.

Q: How many piercings and/or tatoos do you guys have? from Mahdi

  • Matt: Just my eyebrow piercing and my ears.
  • Woolie: I got two eyebrow piercings, and a lip piercing.

Q: What's the best 'NOPE!' moment you've had playing a game? from Parker

  • Liam: Demon's Souls, the Dragon God.
  • Pat: Dark Souls, the archers of Anor Lando
  • Woolie: Metroid Prime, in a room with three pirates
  • Matt: One of the last bosses of Metal Wolf Chaos.

Q: Are any of you avid Tekken players, and if so, what are your favourite characters? from Kyle

  • Pat: Not avid, but we used to play it a lot. Jin Kazama and Heihachi.
  • Matt: Jin Kazuma, I wrote fan fiction for him.
  • Liam: I started playing it when I was six.
  • Woolie: Ogre and Steve Fox.

Q: What's your preference, digital or retail? from Marcus

  • Woolie: I'm moved toward digital.
  • Pat: Digital, provided it's mine forever and it's not Nintendo.
  • Matt: Digital, unless it's special
  • Liam: Digital, but we need more room.

Q: What do you think of Bartkira, rustled or unrustled? from Elizabeth

  • Matt: The idea of it has me unrustled.

Q: What is your favourite anime? from Matt

  • Liam: Clannad
  • Matt: Berserk
  • Pat: The first twenty-six episodes and movie of Neon Genesis Evangalion
  • Woolie: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Q: I was wondering what graphic novels you all enjoy. from Mitchell

  • Liam: Y: The Last Man
  • Woolie: Transametropolitan
  • Pat: Watchmen

Q: What's something you're into, that you don't think people would think you're into? from Woolie

  • Woolie: Genshiken
  • Pat: Azumanga Daioh
  • Matt: Peach Girl
  • Liam: I love hunting and grew up on a farm.

Matt Watch Edit

This week, Matt was stalking a very specific woman wrestler.