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Quantum Break Title
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Game Quantum Break
Season 10
Episode 12
Length 16:41
Upload Date Jan 15, 2017 (re-upload)
Controller Pat
Previous Overwatch
Next Hitman
“Nothing's safer than ignorance.” — Pat

New Super Best Friends Play Quantum Break is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat fuck around with time powers, discuss Tom Cruise and make terrible time-based puns.


— Website description


— Matt
You gotta get out, sir. I gotta go hassle Uber drivers. I have one crucified down in my basement.
— Matt as a cab driver
I'll suck your dick dude. I don't give a fuck, I'm tough.
— Matt
The back of my throat's a mean one.
— Pat
Is Tom Cruise just a really old hamster?
— Pat
Live, kill, repeat. That's Tom Cruise's mantra.
— Matt
If you touch yourself you turn into a big form of Jean-Claude Van Damme time goo.
— Pat
I bet if you touch your wiener it'll last forever. The World!
— Pat
Don't hide in my balls!
— Pat
Saruman was a good guy. He did nothing wrong.
— Pat
Kill them all, Peter.
— Matt
Thanks, Uncle Ben. You gave me the power to kill New York.
— Pat
Nothing's safer than ignorance.
— Pat


  • This episode was originally a Vessel exclusive, uploaded as three separate videos. It was later uploaded to the Best Friends' YouTube channel after Vessel shut down.

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