This is an extended page of the RE Revelations 2 "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


We're back on this Revelaiton train like a moist barrel of cocks! Whoo!
— Part one
We're closin it out here with Claire and Moira. I decide to run into spikes and kill myself for some reason.
— Part two
Barry! You’re back! After all this time! Just make sure not to schtucrew up again
— Part three
There’s actually a revelaiton at the end of this video. Like for real. I swear. They totally got us. We’re all like whaaaaa~
— Part four
Boy this town seems familiar...almost like we've seen a town like it before...oh well, DRILL BABY DRILL!
— Part five
Matts favourite part of RE6 is in this one. Not even jokin.
— Part six
DAMN. This boss fight's some tough cookies, but nothing Barrys giant tiny man hands can't soothe the pain of.
— Part seven
What the fuck is it with us and invisible enemies lately? Jeez louise.
— Part eight
Well I'll be damned. End of an episode, and kablam, another Revelaiton. They're totally doing it.
— Part nine
I knew we'd get to dumb spencer mansion bullshit eventually! Aha! Dumb gem puzzles!
— Part ten
This combination slaughterhouse exploding factory really seems to be a poor way to make a hamburger.
— Part eleven
Traipsin' through sewers, solving puzzles, cutting out the footage of us solving the puzzles cuz it took too long because we're dumb oh yeaah.
— Part twelve
Oh no, I dropped by keys into the deep frier! Mr Uroborous'll kill me! Ow! OW!
— Part thirteen
Go little girl! You can push those exploding barrels! Yeah!
— Part fourteen
Holy shit Natalia, you been workin out, or have you always been a freakishly strong small child?
— Part fifteen
Boy, I sure hope this place doesn't explode for no raisin! Aw SHUCKS.
— Part sixteen
Oh man, check out that sluice! Also we may be idiots.
— Part seventeen
Guess it's time for bad accents and unfun gas rooms! Strap in people!
— Part eighteen
Yeah! Now this is what I'm talking about! WHAT A MANSION!
— Part nineteen
Oh yeah. That's a bad end alright.
— Part twenty
Yo! I did it! I went and got the good ending for you folks. What do you think of it?
— Part twenty-one
Jeez Moira, your section is super hard but yet super easy later for some reason. Hmm. I wonder why.
— Part twenty-two
That's it! We're done! We're outta here! What better way to top off the game with a completely awful stealth sequence!
— Part twenty-three (Final)

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