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Game Rare Replay
Episodes 5
Combined Length 04:50:47
Original Run Aug 20, 2015 - Sep 1, 2015
Controller Liam
“Show me exactly on this doll where the ghoulies grabbed you.” — Liam

Best Friends Play Rare Replay is a full Let's Play in which Matt and Liam travel through thirty years of Rare's greatest non-Nintendo licensed properties as they play a lot of games on the Zed Speccy, Matt tries to steal Liams traitor title, remake a Mystery Box episode, get molested by grotesque monsters, and collect tons of pointless garbage.


— Website description

See the individual episode descriptions at the Rare Replay Descriptions page.

Quotes Edit

What is this company I forgot about despite the fact we're doing an LP...
This specific section is just a testament to how shitty Microsoft is at managing Rare.
Hey, this game has aliens in it. It must be a Dragon Ball Z rip-off.
No one's ever had a good time in an attic.
I thought you were going to say 'On a Spectrum.'.
That too.
It is shocking how hard this game is to control. You're gonna have a great time.
Well I've played Ride to Hell, so I'll be the judge of what's unplayable.
All these games are Souls games.
Fuck my butt piece.
After The Beatles, he's the most remembered British thing.
Liam about Digger T. Rock
So all British races, as we know, are conducted with RC cars.
Look how terrible it looks! The N64 version is awful!
Matt about Killer Instinct Gold
Why is Glacius the coolest character in the game?
Oh, I get it.
Oh, wait. That wasn't a joke.
The voice acting of this game. That's funny.
Matt about Banjo Kazooie

{{Quoter|The XBLA version makes him look like a burn victim from Katawa Shoujo.|Matt about Mumbo Jumbo

You know who can't do anime? Fucking England, that's who.
It plays fine. It has huge flaws all over the place and is not a good Metroid game, but it plays fine.
Show me exactly on this doll where the ghoulies grabbed you.
Why are you jealous? You're waist is two fucking inches.
It's like Shower With Your Dad simulator but you're hitting soil.
She looks like sexy bird which is what I want from Kazooie.

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