This is an extended page of the Rare Replay "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Hey you cheeky gits! Time to dust off your jiggy pieces and peel back your googly eyes! We're gonna play some RARE REPLAY! FOR THE QUEEN!
— Part one
"Oi! D' you have the killer instinct runnin' through your guts, fam? Brutal combos, jiggy pieces? ALLOW IT!"
— Part two
"We get proper sneaky with that sexy bird, Miss Joanna Dark! And those wankers from Jet Force Gemini prove that they just ain't hard enough. TRUTH!"
— Part three
"Blimey! We finally get to Rare's crackin' Xbox and Xbox 360 content! Eh....yeah...hmm...most of it was bollocks."
— Part four
"I hope all you cheeky gits have enjoyed this look at some of Rare's classic! Oh, and also shite like Perfect Dark Zero too I guess!"
— Part five Final

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