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Ready 2 Rumble

Ready 2 Rumble Title
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Game Ready 2 Rumble (PS2), Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution
Length 28:05
Upload Date Dec 27, 2014
Controller Matt and Woolie
Next Fight Night Round 3
“You're a boxer, not a goddamn mathematician! I got into this because I can't spell!” — Woolie

Ready 2 Rumble is the first episode in the Super Best Friends Boxing: The Fighting series. In this video, Matt and Woolie play the most unbalanced boxing game and worst AKI game in existence as they knockout Midway's CEO, dye their model's hair, mix together Presidential impersonations, and get confused by the beautiful hair of Bishi Michael Buffer.


Let's start the week of LOLLAPALOOOZAAAAA! 7 Days, 7 boxing videos! Now! Leeeeeet's get ready to...rum? Something about rumbling? I dunno.
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

There's B-roll and there's C-roll and, if you have time, a little bit of D-roll.
— Matt
It gets a zero on the Punch-Out!! clone scale.
— Woolie
Start off with a nice Ryu and Ken. Afro Thunder and Butcher Brown.
— Woolie
— {{{2}}}
Why did Michael Buffer turn into Vince McMahon?
— Matt
You're a boxer, not a goddamn mathematician! I got into this because I can't spell!
— Woolie
Why would the cameraman say, "I'm gonna zoom up on Bill Clinton's man titties so everyone can see it on the big Titantron?"
— Matt
What I know about this game, I've never booted it up, but it's really bad.
— Matt
Let's make the racistest thing we can make.
— Matt
RAGE doesn't lose! RAGE doesn't lose! Fuck that! RAGE is undefeated!
— Woolie

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