Super Best Friends Boxing: THE FIGHTING

Real Steel

Real Steel Title
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Game Black & Bruised
Length 30:12
Upload Date Dec 30, 2014
Controller Matt and Woolie
Previous Black & Bruised
Next Facebreaker
“It's realistic in a weird way, even though we're dumb robots.” — Matt

Real Steel is the fourth episode in the Super Best Friends Boxing: The Fighting series. In this video, Matt and Woolie partake in one of the rarest forms of entertainment, a good movie-based video game. During their many bouts Matt regales Woolie with the movie's story and everything turns into Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots when heads start flying.


Hugh Jackman's greatest adventure yet!
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

But why can't I be Hugh Jackman?
— Matt
Low down, dirty robot. Sex-bot.
— Matt
It's realistic in a weird way, even though we're dumb robots.
— Matt
I'm the Bryan Fury of robots. Muhahahahaha!
— Woolie
Bryan Fury is the Bryan Fury of robots!
— Matt
We need to build the ultimate Zaibatsu bot.
— Woolie
Oh shit, yeah. RAGE.
— Matt
Now I think Skar's mad because maybe Budmanbot slept with his robo-wife.
— Matt
He's about to robo-teabag you.
— Matt
He's got the heart of a champion!
— Woolie
He's got the heart of a radiator.
— Matt
Budman was a lost cause. He was the THQ of robots.
— Matt
I'll make robo-orphans of your robo-children.
— Matt
RAGE is like, "I'm not beating up enough people, I need to turn myself into a robot."
— Matt


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