Mystery Box #013

Reign of Fire

Reign of Fire Title
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Game Reign of Fire
Length 23:08
Upload Date Jun 17, 2015
Controller Matt
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Next Mystery Box - Episode #014
“This is why you gotta kill deer. So they don't eat all the humans.” — Pat

Reign of Fire is the thirteenth episode of the Mystery Box series. In this episode, Matt and Pat fight off dragons with the power of stage magic and defend their t.v. screen against a giant invading Gamecube controller, buy dragon porn from strangers, disintegrate their paper car in the river, and question the science behind heat seeking missiles.

About Edit

It's a mystery!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Wait, you're holding a Gamecube controller?
— Pat
It's like, leprechauns? Super real.
— Pat
Eskimos? Super real.
— Matt
This is why you gotta kill deer. So they don't eat all the humans.
— Pat
Why go out and talk to people when you just press the button and porn happens.
— Pat
Wait, why would you need to talk to people?
— Matt
An air battle between a dragon and a fighter plan is like a man fighting The Flash in a fistfight.
— Pat
Luckily the Irish and the British and Australian people are calm and never get upset about anything.
— Pat
Yeah, they don't have huge riots all the time.
— Matt
Nope. Over kickball.
— Pat
We almost got our Reign of Fire lore mixed up and we would never have heard the end of it.
— Matt
When I was a kid I thought if you shot heat seeking missiles in the air, they would blow up the sun. I still kind of think that.
— Matt
The miniatures always look good.
— Matt about Independence Day
Yeah. That's why I'm so cool.
— Pat

Trivia Edit

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