Rejected Street Fighters

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Game Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior
Length 7:19
Date Oct 30, 2011
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“Can you feel the storm? It's coming.” — Woolie

Rejected Street Fighters is a Fighterpedia episode in which Matt and Woolie discuss the early Street Fighter designs and see how racist they were. They also tell you why you don't care about Dee Jay, lament over the loss of some good designs, and introduce a world warrior of legends known simply as Zubaz.

About Edit

Woolie and Matt have wasted entire decades collecting obscure fighting game knowledge and annoying EVERYBODY. Today, this wisdom, once thought useless, has finally found a greater purpose: lols.
— Video description


Pretty sure he ended up in like Fire Pro Wrestling or something.
— Woolie
Here we have that one Indian guy the designer saw that one time. On the bus. In a magazine.
— Matt
Fist of the North Star Ryu. This character design, and this joke, are already dead.
— Woolie
Now this guy is so cash. Here we got rope whips, leather straps, spiked wrist-guards,a soup-catcher beard, and a ripped gym shirt with the word 'Zubaz'. Can you feel the storm? It's coming!
— Woolie
Ninja to Templar, to Double Dragon Boss Thing, to Matador-Adonis Card Carrying Psychopath.
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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