This is an extended page of the Resident Evil 2 "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


The Best Friends put their considerable talents to completing a game for the first time ever! Matt helps too!
— Part one
Part two of the best friends epic playthrough. That rhymed.
— Part two
Talkin’ bout Chief Irons and riding Chocobos!
— Part three
Killing dogs. Alot of them. FOR LULZ.
— Part four
The professionalism continues as zombies get avoided as Pat forgets items.
— Part five
Sherry Birkin is a stupid goddamn idiot.
— Part six
Pat fucks up everything and Matt laughs about it. Also, we know the audio is out of sync, but there’s literally nothing we can do right now. It will be fixed in the subsequent parts though, SO FUCK OFF.
— Part seven
Nothing bad happened in that last part. Pat didn’t die, and we didn’t edit anything. Nope.
— Part eight
The epic conclusion………to Claire A.
— Part nine
Claire A is behind them, but can the Two Best Friends defeat Leon B, scenario 2nd? You don’t even know!
— Part ten
Not even Mr. X can stop the best friends.
— Part eleven
The Best Friends get deja vu as they play they keep playing most classic boss ass game ever.
— Part twelve
Spiders are just too dumb for the Best Friends. However will they tell their spider children how they failed?
— Part thirteen
The Best Friends collect plugs and stick it to Blockbuster! What the fuck does that have to do with Resident Evil 2? Watch and find out!
— Part fourteen
James Small is a stupid dumb idiot. Also Resident Evil!
— Part fifteen
The best friends continue to bicker as shitty boss fights ensue!
— Part sixteen
Shotguns, green rooms and mugnum parts, what else are the Best Friends going to run into?
— Part seventeen
Confusion abounds as Pat can’t remember shit and talks about his dog! Almost at the finish line, can the best friends survive this horror?
— Part eighteen
The time for escape is now! Can the best friends overcome the final boss of RE2 and see the TRUE END? Watch and find out!
— Part nineteen final

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