This is an extended page of the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.

About Edit

Journal of Brad "Total Badass" Vickers: "Man, the other members of STARS are so stupid, cowardly, and pathetic. As soon as I saw those evil dogs in the woods, I flew away for uh...reinforcements! Yeah! It all worked out in the end anyhow! But in the last few days, things have gone to shit in Raccoon City. Weirdo cannibals are all over the place! Fortunately, all I have to do is flex my massive dick muscles, and they run away crying at my sheer maniless! Still though, I feel like someone is always watching me from a, I'm sure it's nothing! Time to go to go to my favorite deli!"
— Part one
Journal of Brad "Total Badass" Vickers: "Yknow, down at the Local Precinct, I'm a pretty huge badass. My keycard is uh, yknow, ~special~, it even unlocks a bunch of stuff the regular cops can't mess with. Yeah. I know, I'm the best. It's because I'm so brave and cool, obviously. Even got a special super cool office just for me and the rest of the Stars team. It's tough being so god damn awesome listening to Barry sploosh all over his guns all day, but somehow, I manage."
— Part two
Journal of Brad "Total Badass" Vickers: "How many times have I been interviewed by the Raccoon City newspaper? I lost count, honestly. Every time I'm chilling out at my favourite local restaurant, yknow the place, next to that stupid monument with the book? They come and hassle me. "Oh Mr Vickers, you're so cool and handsome! Tell us again how you saved the rest of the S.T.A.R.S team back when they got lost in the woods!" Nearly every day with that kind of thing. It's kind of annoying, but really, when you're as much of a local hero as I am, what can you do but oblige?"
— Part three
Journal of Brad "Total Badass" Vickers: "I was out for my local patrol, yknow, to keep the neighborhood safe, not because I ate all the doughnuts and Chris kicked me out of the patrol car. Anyway, I was improving neighborhood safety just by being a huge badass, when I ended up passing by the old Stagla Gas station. Would you believe what a nice little place this was? The old guy running the place had an old Delorean that he kept draped in the American Flag. What a badass car. One day I'll get that badass pay raise that I deserve for being the best damn chopper pilot in town and be able to get it, and then all the haters'll know why they call me "Total Badass" Vickers."
— Part four
Journal of Brad "Total Badass" Vickers "Yknow, Jill always complained about worms in the sewers, saying that she could hear them digging around down there for her grave, can you believe that? Women, right? Lemme tell ya, she'd always be going on and on about it riding the tram, yelling about how we were going to die and how we'd have to ride the train over and over. Never made any sense to me, sounds like she just couldn't handle the police work, because she's not a total badass like me, Brad "Total Badass" Vickers."
— Part five
Journal of Brad "Total Badass" Vickers "I ever told you about that time I did repeated backflips in front of the Racoon City clock tower in my helicopter? Shit was dope as fuck, I was practicing dodging missle attacks and everybody saw me, and were like "holy shit Brad you're a total badass, you're totally not going to the hospital to get antibiotics for that shit growing in your dick!" Fucking high five everybody I'm the best helicopter mans."
— Part six
Journal of Brad "Total Badass" Vickers "Raccoon City Hospital is the best medical facility in town for real, and I'd know, I get hurt all the time charging courageously into dangerous situations and getting all shot up and all sorts of bullshit. No idea why they kept those giant frog things in the basement though. Fucking weird, even for a Total Badass like me."
— Part seven
Journal of Brad "Total Badass" Vickers. "Used to go down to the Racccon City Park all the time cruisin for chicks. They all thought it was really cool how I could work that fountain with the bird things and change the water level no problem like it was super easy because Im a total badass and thus super smart. Jill never could get the hang of it though, she'd always get frustrated at the amount of moves you need, even though that puzzle is mad easy. Weird how it was next door to the cemetary though, it always made dates with honeys weird."
— Part eight
Journal of Brad "Total Badass" Vickers "Yknow, even though I may be a total badass, I gotta admit, the water treatment plant on the outskirts of town always seemed weirdly nefarious and spooky. Not sure what was up with that place, but I always figured Umbrella just had that weird decor they always do. What a great company, I gotta admit, I'm kind of a little fanboyish about them. I have a little umbrella keychain cause it's so cool. Love that company, good to know they're gunna keep Raccoon City truckin."
— Part nine
Journal of Brad "Total Badass" Vickers We got some podunk mission out to the middle of the Arklay Mountains, looking from some group of weirdo cannibals. Can you believe this shit? I'm totally not scared at all, I just can't wait to swoop in and save Bravo Team from whatever dumb mess they got into and then get back to the RPD for some brews. Wesker was helping the other chopper guys fix their copter before taking off, but not mine, he knows that me, a total badass, know how to keep that shit tip top no matter what, and that I got the coolest head of the gang. Yeah, I have a good feeling about this. Like everythings going to turn out arlight."
— Part ten FINAL

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